WATCH: John Kerry Uses Russian Invasion Of Ukraine To Spread Bizarre Disinformation, Blaming The War’s Refugee Crisis on Climate Change

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John Kerry is making up climate scare scenarios around the disaster unfolding in Ukraine. He told reporters the Ukrainian refugee problem is nothing really. The real problem is the 100 million non-existent people who will become refugees over food production collapsing.

“We’re already seeing climate refugees around the world. If you think migration has been a problem in Europe in the Syrian war or even from what we’ve seen now, wait until you see 100 million people for whom the entire food production capacity has collapsed,” John Kerry said.

He’s spreading bizarre disinformation.

Ukraine’s About the Weather

People listen to this chowderhead no matter how manufactured his tales. He sees climate everywhere and in everything.

It’s sad when a person with his political power thinks an imaginary future crisis is worse than a war where people are suffering and dying. He’s very uncaring.

The climate csar is also blaming Russia’s invasion on the weather. There are a lot of reasons for the invasion and climate isn’t one of them.

“The instability, conflict, death, destruction in Ukraine is happening in the context of a global existential crisis of global warming that scientists have warned about for decades,” Kerry said this week.

US climate envoy John Kerry made the comment to an informal UN Security Council meeting on Climate Finance for Sustaining Peace. He added that “the crisis in Ukraine really does underscore the risks that we face in the current volatile and uncertain energy markets.”

It doesn’t underscore anything. He’s out of his mind.

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peggy cantley
peggy cantley
1 year ago

Kerry has always been a total dumbass he is one of the great rhinos and is part of the cabal, he needs to be out of the government along with the other rhinos is Washington

david russell
david russell
1 year ago
Reply to  peggy cantley

He’s not a RINO. He’s a Democrat.

david russell
david russell
1 year ago

Is that John Kerry’s real head. I hear Mr. Ed is missing his head.