Top Epidemiologist Begs Forgiveness For ‘Morally Wrong’ Lockdown Measures — Says He Was PRESSURED To Go Against The Science

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A top epidemiologist has publicly apologized to his daughter’s generation for the catastrophic and “morally wrong” COVID lockdown measures that caused tremendous harm to children, including stay-at-home orders, obligatory masks, and school closures.

Professor Mark Woolhouse acknowledged to Sky News that officials pressured him to “adjust” his ideas after he challenged doomsday COVID models.

“Plain common sense” was a “casualty” of lockdown, according to the Edinburgh University academic, and his daughter’s generation “has been so ill served by mine.”

Summit report: Decrying harmful lockdown measures such as closing schools as “morally wrong,” Woolhouse said he was told to stay silent when he questioned “implausible” graphs presented by Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) Sir Patrick Vallance that said COVID cases would exponentially double.

If this projection had been extended for another week we would be talking about one hundred thousand cases per day. Another month would have given us close to half a million. Per day. An exponential projection will give you any number you like if you run it for long enough,” said Woolhouse.

When Woolhouse, author of a new book called The Year the World Went Mad, officially lodged skepticism about the figures, he said his “objections did not go down well”.

After a flurry of emails I was invited to ‘correct’ my comments,” he says.

Suggesting someone high in government was behind the demand, Woolhouse asserted, “it wasn’t my views that needed correcting, it was the projections.

However, the situation played out for a second time when a new model in October 2020 predicted 4,000 deaths a day in the UK despite the “fact that the second wave was already beginning to slow.”

The model that generated the 4,000 deaths a day figure was an outlier – all the other model projections gave much lower numbers,” writes Woolhouse, noting how the graph was broadcast to millions of TV viewers anyway.

Woolhouse also revealed how the government knew “people over 70 were 10,000 times more likely to die from COVID than those under 15,” but deliberately pursued policies that didn’t take this into account and harmed children.

Woolhouse’s comments would have normally made for a banner headline news story.

However, they serve as another reminder that the war in Ukraine has completely obliterated the harm caused by lockdown from the news, and with it the culpability of countless top technocrats who imposed it on the rest of us.

Whether anyone will face any kind of responsibility for the devastation wrought on the population, particularly children, appears to a diminishing possibility.

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Belinda BoundreauD
Belinda Boundreau
2 years ago

“We were caught. Now, ATTACK Russia! ATTACK White People!”

2 years ago

so much for “TRUST THE SCIENCE”

2 years ago

Fauci Collins Birx et al all need a trial by THE PEOPLE and not some 12 demorats in DC nor a Demorat Judge. They are guilty as well as all politicians judges executives and only 1 sentence is good enough, remove all pensions, benefits from these bastards confiscate all of their holdings and LIFE IN PRISON for them all or Hang them all.

2 years ago

so the pressure is gone now? lol is he in hiding?

Chuck Smith
Chuck Smith
2 years ago


“Mark Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, warned that people will have to be “alert” to Covid-19 for many years to come.
He told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday that passports could be considered as part of wider measures to make activities safe while living with the virus.”

2 years ago

We will never forget!!