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Russia Releases Documents Showing US-Funded Bioterror Labs in Ukraine Released Anthrax and Plague

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President Vladimir Putin of Russia has released documentation demonstrating that US-funded bioterror facilities in Ukraine were releasing deadly viruses such as anthrax, plague, cholera, and tularemia near the Russian border.

“During the special military operation, proof of the Kiev regime’s rushed steps to cover any remains of the US Department of Defense-funded military biological program in Ukraine was revealed,” Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.

“Right now, Russian specialists from the radiation, chemical, and biological defense troops are analyzing the documents,” he said.

A list of the harmful bacteria being tested at the lab can be found in one document. reports: At least one of the documents a RIA Novosti stamp on it — RIA Novosti is a Russian news site.

There are documents from the US Embassy that were posted online on the biological labs in Ukraine.

The documents were later deleted but they are still available on the WayBack Machine.

US Embassy removed all their Ukraine Bioweapon lab documents from the website.

They removed all the PDF files from the embassy website here

The good news is they are still archived

These labs are reporedly co-run by Fauci’s EcoHealth Alliance and rumor is Russia’s entire military operation right now is unofficially to either secure and/or destroy these labs and gather evidence.

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2 years ago

We will never see this proof on mainstream media. All of the mainstream media will have to be arrested, indicted, and convicted for the lying and censorship to end.

2 years ago

I support Putin on this as the world is being taken over by the deep state. It is time for the world to rise up against their leaders so we the people can live in peace.