Prominent Transgender Caitlyn Jenner Slams Woke Culture For Allowing Trans Women In Female Sports — ‘It’s Just Not Fair’

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Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender celebrity, has actually contributed some common sense to the trans debate.

Taking aim at woke culture “It’s ‘simply not fair’ to enable trans people like swimmer Lia Thomas to compete in feminine sports,” Jenner said. and “everyone needs to calm down” in regards to J.K. Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter.

After undergoing hormone treatment, Lia Thomas has begun to dominate competition in the women’s category.

While Jenner respects Lia’s choice to transition, she does not believe it is fair for Lia to compete in women’s sports… “Her cardiovascular system is larger, her heart is larger, and her limbs and legs are longer……” She was 462nd on the men’s squad three years ago; now she’s No. 1 in the identical event for women? Obviously, that isn’t equitable.”

The Mail Online reports: Caitlyn, of course, was previously Bruce Jenner, the athlete who won gold in the Decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, and who later blazed a reality TV trail as the father of a brood of glamorous step-daughters and daughters in Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Her gender transformation in 2015, aged 65 — announced by her posing in a satin bustier on the cover of Vanity Fair — made Caitlyn the most famous trans woman of the modern age.

Always a cool, reasoned and intelligent voice, Jenner fostered greater understanding of what it means to be a transgender person.

But that was in a different, less complicated, more innocent time. Now, Caitlyn despairs at the bitter gender wars raging today.

The world’s gone mad,’ she says. ‘It was never meant to be like this.’

As a former Olympian, she particularly despairs of trans women being allowed to compete alongside biological females in sport.

‘I don’t think biological boys should compete in women’s sports — we have to protect women’s sports,’ says Caitlyn. ‘That’s the bottom line.’

Now 72, Caitlyn is speaking in the kitchen of her secluded home in Malibu, a wealthy seaside enclave in California. When she transitioned, she could never have predicted that the transgender community to whom she was a heroine would so quickly turn against her for speaking out.

Her Instagram account — she has 12.5 million followers — records some of the abuse she is subjected to.

Last time I checked you were a washed-up has-been riding on the Kardashian coat-tails,’ one person wrote. ‘For a trans woman, you sure do the most to speak out against other trans men and women living their lives.’ And that’s one of the nicer messages.

Caitlyn, however, remains steadfast in her views on trans athletes competing in women’s sports — and surely no one is more qualified than she is to give her opinions.

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Jethro d'BeaudinD
Jethro d'Beaudin
2 years ago

Saul Alinksy said make them play by their own rules. Well, their rules are that we should strive for equity – equal outcomes. Judge programs by their outcomes. So the outcome here is that you have a male posing as a female and shattering all female records. The outcome speaks to the program and therefore must be changed.

Barbara J Hedges
Barbara J Hedges
2 years ago

You may not like the fact he is male turned female but if you listen to the politics, she has it right and would be great for California.

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
2 years ago

A sane voice in an insane world… 

2 years ago

Bruce Jenner is not a woman. No surgical mutilation of synthetic hormone drug abuse can create a woman. A real hermaphrodite is born.
Only natural men, natural women and natural hermaphrodites assert the authority of civil government. The LIAR FAKE TRANSGENDER DRUG PUSHER AGENDA has nothing to do with gays and lesbians. The purpose of the LIAR FAKE TRANGENDER DRUG PUSHER AGENDA is to destroy civilian government by natural persons.