WATCH: Ukrainian PM Slips In Interview, Admits ‘We Not Only Fight for Ukraine, We Fight For The New World Order’

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Ukrainian parliament member Kira Rudik said the quiet part out loud when she joined Fox News on Sunday to provide an update about the ongoing advance on Kyiv by Russian forces.

According to Rudik, the Ukrainian people are not only fighting for their country, but also laying their lives on the line for the “New World Order.”

In response to the host asking if she was “surprised” to see Ukrainians displaying such strong will to fight back against Russia, Rudik explained:

“I’m not surprised. We have been fighting Putin for the last 8 years and we had three other revolutions in our country when we did not agree with what was going on with the direction we were moving in. But right now it’s a critical time because we know that we not only fight for Ukraine, [but] we fight for this New World Order for the democratic countries. We [know] that we are the shield for the Euro. We [know] that we are protecting not only Ukraine, [but] we are protecting like all the other countries that would be next if we failed. That’s why we just cannot fail.”


The full interview is below:

Ukraine has long been used by Biden and other Global elitists like Klaus Schwab and George Soros as a hub to run their corrupt dealings through, so it’s no surprise to see Ukraine’s elected officials publicly pledging their allegiance to leftist ‘democracy’ by using language like “New World Order.”

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2 years ago

George Bush Sr and Obama did the same thing in speeches before. Its like no matter how smart they think they are, and the fact that they got away with so much in their lifetimes, they always end up saying stupid shit in public. They give themselves away like the morons they really are.

2 years ago

Why are morons like this woman fighting FOR the NWO??? Don’t they realize that once their NWO masters don’t find them useful anymore they will be disposed of??
And, why are they always yapping about “Democracy”? The DemoRats in the U.S. are all scum who want to control every aspect of everyone’s life.”All for me and none for thee”, is their motto.
The U.S. is a Republic, or at least it started out that way.

Last edited 2 years ago by ToxicThistle
Angel TalaricoD
Angel Talarico
2 years ago

Rudik looks like a cross species between a jeu and a monkey (african?)….

A. Wilk
A. Wilk
2 years ago

I say that they’re fighting only for the new world order and not Ukraine people!!!! She has to say the people because otherwise, she’d release too much of the truth. She’s a fraud!