WATCH: Andrew Cuomo Drops $365,000 On Series Of ‘Desperately Deranged’ Ads Blaming OTHERS For HIS Crimes

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New York Attorney General Letitia James famously indicted former Governor Cuomo for sexual harassment claims by eleven women but ignored his many egregious actions that led to the death of thousands of seniors and a cover-up.

Her sexual harassment cases were weak and appeared to be geared to just getting Cuomo to resign, and that’s what he did.

Cuomo paid $365,000 for these ads and intends to come back onto the political scene.

Elise Stefanik found it to be “desperately deranged” and said he “should be behind bars, not on our TV screens.” She also said, “New Yorkers don’t want an apology tour from a corrupt criminal.”

Actually, he’s not apologizing. He’s doing what he always does — blaming others for what he did.


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2 years ago

Awfully Amerikan of him, eh? Someone else is ALWAYS to blame. The New Normal (actually, this has been going on for years).