Peter Doocy Absolutely HUMILIATED Joe Biden And Jen Psaki In The Latest Press Briefing On Putin [VIDEO]

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President Joe Biden, the incompetent, senile fool currently in charge of our nation, made the claim when running for president that Putin would be scared of him were he president. Yes, really. Speaking on that in a very cringey video, Biden said “Putin knows that when I am president of the United States his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe are over.” Watch that here:

Well, now Putin’s tanks are rolling into Eastern Ukraine to protect ethnic Russians there and Biden can’t and won’t do anything about it. Apparently, Biden didn’t scare Putin like he scared Cornpop all those years ago.

Well, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocey absolutely humiliated Jen Psaki and Joe Biden by dredging up that obviously false statement during the February 22nd press briefing and by hitting them for focusing on unimportant things rather than the Russia threat.

To begin his takedown of the Biden regime, Doocy started with an attack on the Pentagon’s misplaced priorities, saying:

The President said in the spring that Pentagon generals had briefed him that the greatest threat facing America is global warming.  Is that still the assessment now that we are facing down a potential cyber war with Russia?”

When Jen did her usual and tried to dodge, Doocy forced her to remain on point, reiterating his question and saying “And so, as far as anybody watching who’s seen the coverage, it’s very — at times, distressing images of Russian military movements — the number-one threat facing the country right now remains global warming?

At that point Psaki dodged again, obviously embarrassed by the climate change thing at a time when Russian tanks are rolling. So, in response, she said “Well, Peter, I think it’s important, as we’re all educating the public here, to convey and reiterate: The President has no intention of sending U.S. troops into Ukraine to fight in Ukraine.  What we are doing is we are abiding by our obligations to our NATO Allies and partners to ensure that they have the support and the resources that they need.  And that is our right and our obligation as the United States.

The two then sparred over sanctions, with Doocy saying “Okay.  And why do you guys think that sanctions are going to stop Putin if his goal ultimately is to redraw the map so it looks like it did 70 or 80 years ago?  What sanction is going to stop him from doing that?

Psaki actually stayed on point for that question, ridiculous though her response might have been. Speaking on the issue, she said:

Well, I think, just to kind of reiterate maybe something you touched on there — for anyone who watched his speech last night, what he made clear in that speech is that he doesn’t even necessarily — or doesn’t recognize the independence of Ukraine as a country.  And that certainly gives us an indication of where his intentions are at this point in time. 

Sanctions can be a powerful tool.  They have been in a lot of moments throughout history.  And what we view them as — or how we’re viewing them as we’re starting high, as Daleep just conveyed here, in terms of the significance and the severity of the sanctions that were announced today — yes, our intention is to have a deterrent effect.  And there are — while what they have done to date is completely unacceptable, there are certainly far worse that could happen.  What we want to do is prevent a large-scale invasion — death and destruction across Ukraine, devastation to the Ukrainian people. 

And that what happens with the sanctions is they work over time.  They’re not an end.  They’re not intended to max out at the beginning.  They’re long-lasting and sustainable, and they’re intended to squeeze.

But if you look at what is happening now, what President Putin has stated as his intention is he wants to divide NATO. The opposite of that has happened, Peter.  He also wanted to — a geopolitical project, Nord Stream 2, to go forward; that has not happened.  He wants to make sure there is a vibrant economy for the Russian people; they’re not on that track. 

So, his intentions and his objectives are not playing out.

It was then, with Psaki feeling smug after ranting about how awesome sanctions are, that Doocy hit her with the real showstopper: Biden’s ridiculous video. Quoting it and asking about it, Doocy said:

But so, I guess, to follow up on that: The President said before he got here that “Putin knows, if I am President of the United States, his days of tyranny and trying to intimidate the United States and those in Eastern Europe are over.”  It’s two and a half years later.  He is intimidating the United States and those in Eastern EuropeWhat happened?

What happened is that Putin obviously isn’t scared of the rotting vegetable in charge.

But Psaki wouldn’t admit that, so she said:  “I’d hardly put it that way.  I would look at it, actually, from the prism of: The United States and President Biden has rallied the world, rallied Europe to stand up against the efforts and the actions of President Putin.

We haven’t rallied anyone. Putin, who might have originally had no plans of invading, sent in troops after Biden the rotting eggplant backed him into a corner and unnecessarily raised tensions. Now we’re risking WWIII over two impoverished, breakaway provinces.

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Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
2 years ago

Can anyone really be surprised? Biden should have never been “installed” as Resident of the United States…

biden joe hunter associates.jpg
2 years ago