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German Minister Pushing For Kindergarten Kids To Be Taught About ‘Right Wing Extremism’… But Not Left-Wing Extremism Or Radical Islam

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According to German interior minister Nancy Faeser, kindergarten students should be taught about the supposed dangers of “right-wing” extremism.

“We have to smash right-wing extremist networks,” Faeser told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, adding that “the state of law must not accept calls for murder and threats.”

She didn’t say anything about left-wing or Islamic extremism.

Summit News reports: The minister went on to assert that children as young as three years old should be socially engineered to be averse to right-wing radicalism.

“We are resolutely combating this breeding ground for violence, but the fight against right-wing extremism starts much earlier, namely with good educational work. It has to start in kindergarten,” she said.

Why not start brainwashing them in the womb just to be safe?

Insisting that toddlers should be taught about the issue in a “playful” way, Faeser said young children should no longer be vulnerable to “ideologies of exclusion.”

“We need democratic education that makes it clear that it does not matter where a family came from, what skin color someone has, who they believe in, or who they love,” Faeser added.

Whether this applies to white children, who in American schools under Critical Race Theory are taught to be ashamed to be white, remains to be seen.

Kids won’t be taught about the dangers of left-wing extremism despite leftists routinely violently attacking right-wing politicians in the street and Antifa members vowing to assassinate members of the German parliament.

They also won’t be warned about the threat posed by Islamic extremism despite Germany suffering multiple major terror attacks carried out in recent years by Islamic extremists.

The ‘education’ will however serve to prepare youngsters for the ‘new Germany’ being shaped partly by the insistence on welcoming millions of third world refugees into the country, a policy that has been an unmitigated disaster.

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