WATCH: Canadian Trucker Gives Details About Police Beating Him — ‘They Broke My Body But They Will NEVER Break My Spirit!’

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Canadian trucker, Csaba Vizi, was beaten by Ottawa police after he surrendered peacefully, down on his knee, with his hands behind his head. The Romanian immigrant has been a Canadian for twenty years.

He is one of 191 tuckers arrested. The Police Chief promises to hunt down everyone even remotely involved in the protest and charge many or line them up for financial devastation.

Mr. Vizi said they broke his body but they will never break his spirit. He was a member of the peaceful Freedom Convoy protest which was ended by a brutal police response under the Trudeau wartime Emergencies Act.

Csaba Vizi told Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson that he didn’t expect to battle with the police.

Viral video showed police repeatedly striking Vizi as he was on the ground, compliant, not fighting back.

“I got down from my truck, I went down right on my knee, I put my hands behind my head,” Vizi told Carlson. “I was waiting for them to take me away. In that moment, the police officers — they start to punch me with those sticks, they were yelling to me, ‘Go back! Go back!’ And I just told them, ‘Hey, I’m the driver.’”

There were a lot of officers on  top of him but he “took it like a man.”

“They drag me in, they lie me down on my belly, and I don’t — I don’t recall how many were on top of me … I felt like I was beaten, but I took it like a man,” Vizi recalled.

“They broke my body a little bit, but not my spirit,” he added.

Vizi told Carlson that this isn’t the Canada that he knows and loves.

“Those who are willing to give their life for this cause, need much more than being threatened with arrest, with fines, with losing insurance,” he insisted. “I moved to Canada — everything was wonderful. … I was so happy. I said jeez, that is so nice. Everything was beautiful in the last 20 years, I can say.”

“But the last two years, it’s like impossible to live here anymore,” he added.


Tucker Carlson Interviewing Canadian Trucker Csaba Vizi Who Was Beaten By Police In Ottawa

Tucker: “You seem to be having trouble breathing, I can hear it through my earpiece. Were you injured by this?”

Csaba: “Yes, they break my body a little bit, but not my spirit.”

— The Columbia Bugle ?? (@ColumbiaBugle) February 22, 2022


and again, this is Csaba Vizi being brutalized & beaten by the Ottawa City Joint Police Force after surrendering.

— (@wlctv_ca) February 21, 2022

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2 years ago

We can’t let that happen in the US but they will try.

2 years ago
Reply to  Eagle

Look at what happened in Germany today.