Trudeau Announces ‘State of Emergency’ Will Stay in Place Says, Even Though His Goons Have Practically Ended Protests

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Despite the fact that the Freedom Convoy demonstration has practically ended due to Ottawa’s violence, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has proclaimed that the ‘State of Emergency’ would stay in force.

Trudeau made the announcement at a speech yesterday, following a weekend of violence and police brutality against the peaceful protesters.

“Even though the blockades across border openings have been lifted… the state of emergency has not ended,” he stated.

Summit News reports: The PM is refusing to relinquish the draconian powers he assigned to himself presumably over fears that demonstrations will pop up once again.

This completely goes against what Trudeau promised last week, when he stated that the powers would “be time-limited, geographically-targeted, as well as reasonable and proportionate to the threats they are meant to address.”

Trudeau went on to justify the extension of powers by citing issues with “misinformation” and “foreign funding,” once again invoking the ludicrous and baseless claim that Russian agents helped to incite and bankroll the protests.

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Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
2 years ago

This is why Justin Trudeau acts in an authoritarian manner…

Alpin ThuesonD
Alpin Thueson
2 years ago

In the following scenario, Mr. Klaus Schwab phones his protege Justin Trudeau to congratulate him on ‘neutralizing’ the nazis, racists, anti semites, anti immigrants, homophobes, etc.

Schwab: “Ah Justin, my baca boy, you are now a man among men”.

Trudeau/Castro: “Why thank you sir – you taught me well. Acute ‘gay bowel syndrome’ has opened my mind to everything that is proper and just, just like you said it would.”

Schwab: “Why thank you my son – I would never lead you astray. By the way, have you made any progress with replicating ‘gay bowel syndrome’ in your mouth and throat?”

Trudeau/Castro: “Yes sir I have. While my wife and children live at the official residence, I secretly live at Canada’s largest gay bath house located here in Ottawa. I’m now up to 10 minutes of holding a 12″ cock in my throat without passing out.”

Klaus: “I’m proud of you my boy. We will stand together in the presence of our most holy god Moloch!!!”