40 THOUSAND Affidavits Of Electoral Fraud In Georgia Delivered To Gov. Kemp

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Governor Kemp’s staff received 40,000 election fraud affidavits for the 2020 election in Georgia. But how can this be? It was the most secure election ever.

A local group called Georgia Patriots (led by Holly Kelser) showed up to deliver about 40,000 sworn affidavits regarding 2020 election fraud to the office of Governor Brian Kemp.

Former Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson and the Pillow Guy Mike Lindell accompanied them as the staff showed their displeasure.

To be fair, Kemp tightened up the election laws, after the fact, and took a hit for that. On the other hand, Secretary of State Raffensperger is a villain in the election process which was flawed, with laws at the last minute and Zuckerboxes everywhere. He made a deal with Stacey Abrams of all people which heavily favored Joe Biden and other Democrat candidates.

This group seems to focus on the voting machines but I don’t know what evidence they have or don’t have.

2020 Election Integrity: Georgia – All Hail The Lizard King! – Brad Raffensperger Attempts 2022 Midterms Machine Cram Down

Where ARE those 13 missing routers?

40,000 election fraud affidavits get served to angry Kemp staff in Georgia, by @EmeraldRobinson

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) February 21, 2022

Robinson made note of the fact that the staff was watching CNN, but perhaps they just want to know what the enemy is saying. By itself, it means nothing. It would be nice to know why, however.

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2 years ago

Let the games begin………………….

2 years ago

Kemp way past time to do what is Right,,

Jim Darnall
Jim Darnall
2 years ago

Evil cheats! That’s just what evil people do, especially in.Govrrnment. Right now your starting to see this truth throughout this whole nation. Our Forefathers would be in a mind of total shock but would crush it all.

Surly CurmudgenD
Surly Curmudgen
2 years ago

Criminals hiding their crimes!
Love your freedom more than you fear your government!