Joy Behar Says She’ll Mask In Public ‘FOREVER!’.. Then Gets Caught Maskless In Public A Few Hours Later

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This is just dang funny to me. Twitchy posted this morning about Joy Behar saying yesterday she’s going to wear masks forever because of her abiding covid virtue and care for fellow man and concerns for her own safety and welfare in the dangerousness of no-masking.

They did a whole Twitch post at 10 this morning.

Later the SAME day we have an update from last night – the same day as the vow of maskicity.

This is just so amazingly absolutely typical of every lib covid freak out there.

It’s a show. The masks are virtue signaling. That’s it. That’s ALL it is.

When they think the camera is off they stop virtue signaling and we see that they think they get to behave differently, and be treated differently.

But kids are still masked up, America! And protesters are being mown down in Canada for objecting to this crap.

The age of fascism is full of frauds.



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2 years ago

Joy’s an “actress”…she gets paid to be a neurotic lying fake.

2 years ago
Reply to  VoteThemOut

She is a hatemonger! her first name should be “Crybaby” instead of Joy.

LT Aldo Rainey
LT Aldo Rainey
2 years ago

I’ll donate 10 boxes of masks to her cause. I’ll even throw in a free ball gag

2 years ago

Maybe Joy Behar should always mask in public covid or not?

Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
2 years ago

That’s a shame… Joy looks much better with a face diaper on her mug… At least when she is wearing a mask we do not have to worry about getting sprayed by diarrhea spewing out of her mouth.

Picture of Joy-less Behar honoring Black history month by trying to display her inner “blackness”.