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Leaked Emails Reveal Stunning Collusion By CDC & Big Tech To Control COV/Vax Narrative And SILENCE Dissent

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New emails reveal collusion between Big Tech and the CDC, government officials to suppress opposition and silence dissent. The emails can be read below.

As an aside, we have examples of government-education collusion demonizing parents who complain about CRT. In fact, corporations are colluding on any number of issues to control the masses. This regime is corrupt and the relationship between corporate and the government better change or Americans will be victims of fascism.

“Emails between CDC and Facebook, obtained on behalf of @ICANdecide, show CDC guiding FB’s messaging,” Siri tweeted. “For example, CDC tells FB the ‘focused messaging for the next week’ includes ‘Rethink travel, gather virtually, wear a mask’ followed by patriotic slogans.”

Messages obtained include:

The emails encourage holiday propaganda messages: “Messages of duty, e.g., ‘For your family, for you country,’ seem to be most resonate (sic) to youg individuals and men. A summary of behavioral insights for comms is attached.”

There were directives on masks, gatherings and so on.

You are also told to consult CDC with questions.

Emails Collusion Big Tech CDC by MaurA Dowling on Scribd


Johns Hopkins University professor Dr. Marty Makary told Fox Business during an interview on Tuesday that the CDC has been “using science as political propaganda.” This wasn’t directly related to the emails but it’s more corruption by the CDC and it’s all the more believable as the CDC’s sins become known.

“It really is offensive. It should be offensive to anybody who believes in science, including our nation’s physicians. This is using science as political propaganda. The absolute worst studies that were done during the pandemic came out of the CDC.

“The Maricopa mask study, so deeply flawed. The number of schools in the study didn’t even match the number of schools in the geographic area they said they were studying.

“The ignoring of natural immunity was based on two highly-flawed CDC studies, and yet they parrot these studies again and again, and much of the media just reports it out. If you look at most of the misguidance that we’ve gotten, it has been based on flawed science, with a lot of the community complicit in what they’re putting out.”

Dr. Makary said, “basically, what they’ve been doing is saying we’ve made our decision, now let’s go find some data to support it.”


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2 years ago

Why waste time trying to reason with an idiot or a sadist? 2 little letters is all that is need to resist. NO. You are under no obligation to explain anything to anyone. The word no is good enough and there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it.

Howard T. Lewis III
Howard T. Lewis III
2 years ago

All this fuss so we don’t ‘catch a cold’. Billkill Death jabs. We all must die so they can have more. Cocaine addiction and pedophilia leads to less than intelligent ambitions. Ask around Microsoft who the brains behind it all are. Not Billkill. Check out the omnipresence of Ashkenazis among the forced inoculation/pharmaceutical companies and agencies programs. Allegedly, and by laboratory tests, the ‘spike proteins’ need the ACE2 gene to take hold. Ashkenazis do not carry the ACE2 gene.

2 years ago

All of them need to hang.

Last edited 2 years ago by Bob
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob

I said the same thing about hanging in fb and I got told it was against community standards

2 years ago
Reply to  Cattlelady

I was banned from Twitter for saying the exact same thing!

2 years ago

People wonder why CDC has lost credibility? Those that can think for themselves have wondered why they have made some of the decisions they made? They didn’t make sense. Yet people blindly followed them. Now that most of the country has taken the shot, the real motives are starting to dribble out.

Mary Myers
Mary Myers
2 years ago

I NEVER thought this Pandemic was from a “Bat Burger”, and I never thought the mRNA Vax’s were safe for humans! I was always concerned about messing around with my DNA, and was”guilted” into the original vaccination and the Boost Jab! The science never was convincing to me, and the mandates were just plain,silly, except for the self quarantining of one’s self! I lost my brother from COVID,and he died prior to the shutting down of our Country and the extent of the Pandemic being Known. He died in January,at the time of the Chinese New Year,in Vegas! Caught in a Mega Hotel, before the bounty’s were given to the hospitals. Mary in Maryland.