Biden Accused of Being a ‘Sociopath’ After Leaving Dead Dog on Republican Woman’s Doorstep

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Either President Biden has a completely sick sense of humor or he really is the vile person we thought he was.

Biden startled his followers and social media users when he bragged about leaving a dead dog on the doorstep of a Republican woman.

During a talk to the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference on Tuesday, Biden reflected on his time on the New Castle County Council and told the throng assembled at the Washington Hilton that he would “work like the devil” before relaying the strange story of the dead dog.

Biden remembered how he represented a district that ranged from middle to working class, with ‘one extremely rich area’ inside its borders.

‘And I got a call one night from a woman who said to me – obviously not of my political party – ‘there’s a dead dog on my lawn,” the president added.

“Yes ma’am,” I said, “did you call the county?” “They’re not here,” she confirmed. “Well, I’ll fetch ’em in the morning,” I answered,” he recounted.

That was not acceptable to the Republican woman.

“I want it removed now, I pay your salary,” she said, according to Biden.

‘As a result, I went over. It was picked up by me. ‘She said she didn’t want it in my front yard,’ Biden explained. He said, chuckling, “I put it on her doorstep.”

‘I’ve become a lot better since then,’ the president said.

Biden’s most recent strange incident has gone viral on social media, with many people accusing him of being a psychopath.

One tweeted: “BIDEN SAID WHAT? President Biden just told a bizarre story about dumping a dead dog on a woman’s doorstep.

Another wrote, “Am I the only one disturbed by this??”

Was any part of that scripted, or was he speaking off the cuff? Either way, it is strange,” said another.

Another user shocked by the President’s story wrote: “This is truly horrifying.”

DailyMail report:

Biden was in his late 20s in 1970 when he was elected to serve on the council for Delaware’s most populous county, New Castle, for two years.

Two years later in 1972, he won the U.S. Senate race at age 29.

I used to give out my phone number, can’t do that anymore,’ he also told the crowd. ‘They don’t even allow me to have a phone anymore.’ 

Biden then delivered much of the same message as he has in recent days.

I’m going to work like the devil to bring gas prices down,’ he vowed.

We’re going to keep working to strengthen the supply chain and bring the cost of every good down, particularly food and automobiles,’ he continued.

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2 years ago

The more I think about the more I have to say this. Biden is a twisted demented charlatan and grifter as is his whole family. But thinking back over the years of his stories about what I guess, at least in that twisted cesspool of a mind of his are manly moments in his life he has told embellished stories of and his threatening posturing, I believe the guy has a serious inferiority complex among his other issues. Or at the least he has fears he is not a competent heterosexual male.

2 years ago

Of course he is. Why do you think a corrupt Senate put him in? They didn’t want a president with a conscious to get things done.

2 years ago

Bloody King Biden broke the law again. Cruelty to animals is minor compared to leaving 9000 Americans to die in the war-torn Afghanistan.

2 years ago

More proof Biden has always been a sick, twisted, demented psychopath and pervert.

2 years ago

….not only a sick comment based on an alleged illegal action…but a complete lack of judgment. I hope his dementia-seized-brain starts reminiscing about all the illegal, corrupt and disgusting things he’s done in his life….and he can’t control himself in letting it drool from his corrupt mouth. I hope he dies slowly, and painfully. I hope he has stomach cancer and it slowly eats him alive. I would drink a beer to that.