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WATCH: Al Franken Tells Joy Reid That Joe Rogan Is The ‘Number One Cause Of Death In America’

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Joe Reid is a true scumbag. Everyone, including her admirers, staff, and herself, is aware of this. But sometimes she takes her hackery to the next level; like when she invited Al Franken to insult the Freedom Convoy and Joe Rogan in an absurd panel piece on Friday.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the entire heinous episode. It’s simply the bit when Al Franken casually declares that “Joe Rogan is now the number one cause of death in America.” Then he had to tell Joy Reid that it’s all a joke, since she was going to take it seriously. “Actually, it’s Tucker Carlson,” he says.

Who like this type of television? It’s as though you’re being bottle-fed. Simply call bad guys names in a tone that appears to be devastatingly clever and call it a day? The work of an MSNBC anchor is the simplest in the world. There are no rules, no fact-checking, and you don’t even need terrific dunks.

“Yeah” she says.

SHE WAS ABOUT TO TAKE THAT SERIOUSLY!! And then when Franken clues her in she gives it some weight anyway!! “It’s funny and not funny.”

That’s the sort of hardcore analysis and deep insight we expect from you Joy.

You can’t even call Reid a clown. She would never be able to graduate clown college.

Also I can’t believe they are dragging the least funny senator in history out of mothballs. I mean I can believe it for MSNBC but it’s just unbelievable y’all.



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david russell
david russell
2 years ago

I don’t like Al Franken at all, but I do think he was unfairly booted out of office, so that has bothered me. But now he comes up with this nonsense and I feel better that he’s out. We have quite enough loons in government.