Snopes Attempts To Cover For Biden With This Unbelievable ‘Fact Check’ Of Their Free Crack Pipe Program

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The Biden regime is distributing crack pipes to “underserved communities” but the Free Beacon’s story exposing it is “mostly false” because that wasn’t the “most prominent or important” part of the grant program, so says Snopes.

From Snopes, “Did Biden Admin ‘Fund Crack Pipes’ To ‘Advance Racial Equity’?”:

What’s True

In 2022, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services substance abuse harm reduction grant did require recipients to provide safer smoking kits to existing drug users. In distributing grants, priority would be given to applicants serving historically underserved communities. However…

What’s False

This was just one of around 20 components of the grant program and far from its most prominent or important one, despite being the primary focus of outraged news reports. The purpose of the program was to reduce harm and the risk of infection among drug users, not to advance racial equity, although that was a secondary consideration.


It’s almost hard to believe it’s not satire. That said, this is Snopes we’re dealing with.

“It’s not satire, it’s Snopes.”

Maybe that could be their new motto.

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