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WATCH: Dave Portnoy BRUTALLY Confronts the Brothers Trying To Cancel Joe Rogan With Proof One Of Them Used The N-Word In Conversation

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Dave Portnoy confronted the three brothers from Medias Touch who are trying to cancel Joe Rogan and were responsible for the montage of him saying the n-word, telling them he has absolute proof one of them used the n-word back in 2014. They accuse him of lying.



Here’s the second clip where Portnoy brings it up again and look how uncomfortable it makes the brother who used it:

At the end of the livestream, @stoolpresidente brought up the text he has again and you can see how visibly uncomfortable the brothers are.

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) February 7, 2022

I’m sure they used it and just like Rogan and it doesn’t matter. But it does matter because they are trying to destroy Rogan over it when at least one of them is a hypocrite, which makes them all hypocrites.

At the end of the day Joe Rogan is being targeted because he’s against this president during an election year and he’s got a massive following. The n-word/covid controversies are all phony controversies and are all a means to an end, which is to get him sidelined or off the air. That’s really what this is about.



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