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Elon Musk WRECKS GoFundMe As ‘Professional Thieves’ For Stealing Millions From Canadian Trucker Convoy

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Elon Musk has slammed far-left fundraising platform GoFundMe for stealing the money from the Canadian Freedom Convoy in an attempt to suppress the uprising against Justin Trudeau’s regime.

Since Gofundme canceled the fundraiser for the Canadian Freedom Convoy and promised to steal the money that people don’t claim, people have been telling Elon Musk to get the thousands he donated to the fundraiser back.

Musk responded tonight saying it wasn’t his money. But he went on to slam Gofundme as ‘professional thieves’ and point to their own blatant hypocrisy in supporting the CHAZ CHOP occupation that took place in Seattle back in 2020:

I love that he pointed this out because CHOP was utter lawlessness and violence. It was an actual occupation! But that didn’t violate Gofundme’s terms of service, and somehow this trucker convoy in Ottawa does. It must be magic or something because it makes no sense to me.



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