President Trump Just Scored a MASSIVE Financial Win For MAGA

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One of the tools the Conservative, Inc. crowd uses to stay in power is fundraising. Whereas their more serious, conservative colleagues focus on fighting for conservative values, the Conservative. Inc. crowd is much more worried about drumming up more funds from donors.

That money then becomes their weapon, a bludgeon they can wield to force conformity and obedience to disliked figures like Mitch McConnell. If you step out of line, you risk missing out on all the funds collected by the GOP and its various money-raising PACs.

While the populist, MAGA crowd does well on social media and needs less money than the Democrats or RINOs to stay competitive, it still needs money. Ads must be run, campaigns and campaign staffers must be paid for, etc. Not all expenses can be avoided, and modern politics have gotten more and more expensive.

Former President Donald Trump, however, is using his innate talents to go after that Conservative, Inc. death grip on the fundraising apparatus and ensure that MAGA candidates have the funds they need to beat RINOs in the primaries and Democrats in the general election, not to mention to fund his own campaign as he goes up against the GOP establishment yet again.

In fact, his Save America PAC has now raised over $120 million dollars, including over $50 million in the past six months alone. And that’s in an off-year when there are few elections of note. It announced as much in a statement, saying:

President Donald J. Trump’s political committees have over $122,000,000 “Cash on Hand” after raising over $51,000,000 during the period between July 1st and December 31st, 2021.  

President Trump’s continued and unprecedented pace of fundraising shows that the future of the Republican Party in 2022 and beyond remains, perhaps, the strongest in our Country’s history—the MAGA movement is here to stay! This massive fundraising accomplishment does not include the hundreds of millions of dollars raised by other candidates and organizations who use President Trump’s name, likeness, endorsement, and America First Agenda as a platform for their efforts, further strengthening the movement he began in 2016. 

The importance of that fundraising effort cannot be understated. Oil and microchips are the lifeblood of the modern economy, but good ole greenbacks are still the lifeblood of American politics.

Hiring staffers, running TV and social media ads, buying billboards, hiring poll watchers, traveling to give speeches, all of it is not only necessary but also expensive.

The $122 million Trump raised will be instrumental in achieving a MAGA victory. It will help populists win and ensure that when Trump announces his campaign and starts running for 2024 the RINOs and Conservative, Inc. crowd that runs the party won’t be able to use financial chicanery to keep him out of the primary contest.

Further, the statement contains an interesting and important tidbit; the average donation was only $31, with 98.6% of donations being under the $200 mark.

That means that Trump is raising money from his base, from ordinary Americans that are giving what they can scrape out of a wallet lightened by Brandon’s policies. They’re the key to his success, not oligarchs giving multi-million dollar donations to buy influence, which means he’ll be able to keep trucking along as a friend of the people rather than a crony of the oligarchs.

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