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WATCH: Spirit Airline Forces Passenger To REMOVE Facemask For One Unbelievable Reason

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Is there anything more important and holy a person can do in America than have their mask sewn to their face 24 hours a day, indoors or out? No. There isn’t. It’s literally the best thing you can do in the world. In the HISTORY of the world. Did you know some people try to take their mask off to put food in their mouth? Even putting it back on in between bites is basically saying you don’t care how many people die.

And I guess Spirit Airlines is one of those who doesn’t care. Because they wanted to expose an entire PLANE full of people to this guy’s breathing of air. Why? JUST because they didn’t LIKE the snazzy mask design.

They gave him a different mask to wear so the Karen on board would be satisfied. But what are people supposed to breathe while he’s switching masks? NOTHING AT ALL? The man saved everyone’s lives by simply putting the other mask over his mask. But without that quick thinking we might have had a plane full of dead people.

Cruel and cold? Yes. Heartless? Yes. Stupid and dumb? Yes. Hypocritical? Yes.

But at least we can say that it was also embarrassing and pathetic.


Post Millennial describes:

He asked another flight attendant about his mask when getting off the Cleveland to Tampa flight. After debating about whether or not a BLM mask would’ve been fine, the person who appeared to be the original flight attendant from the first clip puts her hand in front of Radogna’s camera, saying: “Please don’t record me.”

It’s amazing how fast America is falling apart. Just like libs want.



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