WATCH: Biden Commerce Secretary Claims Failing Economy Is ‘Very Strong’ Despite All Of Us Having Eyes

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Biden’s Commerce Secretary is touting a ‘very strong’ economy today on MSNBC as they try to perform a jedi mind trick on the American public:

Gina Raimondo is blaming COVID for the perception that the economy is struggling and the reason why people aren’t feeling this “very strong” economy right now. In other words, don’t believe your lying eyes.

The Biden administration has been touting a little ‘good news’ they got this morning, that jobless claims are down 30,000 from last week. But how they get from there to a “very strong” economy, I do not know. Gas prices are as high as they’ve been in a long time. Food prices are way up. Inflation is being felt across the board for families all around the US.

But hey, that’s COVID’s fault according to Raimondo. If you get rid of all that, the economy is “very strong”. Uh huh.

I must say, as much as what she’s saying is unbelievable, it’s even harder to swallow knowing that the Biden administration has been actively pushing newsrooms to spin the economy as “very strong”, just like she’s doing. So, in a nutshell, all we’re getting right now is propaganda.



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