WH Confirms Next SCOTUS Justice Will Definitely Be a ‘Black Woman’

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There is a lot of speculation that Kamala Harris will be sent to the Supreme Court so Biden can be rid of her. Democrats want to put in her place a more viable presidential candidate in 2024.

“When you were asked about the Vice President possibly being selected as a Supreme Court nominee, you said you’re not going to speak to any considerations. Does that means she is being considered?” Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked.

Psaki declined to address the question because she said the retirement “hasn’t been announced.”

Psaki is referring to Breyer’s retirement. I hope he changes his mind and makes them nuts.

Could you imagine the clueless Kamala on the Court for decades?

The White House press secretary did, however, confirm that he would nominate a “black woman” to the Supreme Court.

The buffoons are picking a Supreme Court Justice according to the color of her skin and her gender. No Hispanics, no Asians, no Whites, no men need to apply.


“Jen Psaki just reaffirmed that the President will only consider a black woman for the next nomination — a threshold gender and race condition that the Court itself has found unconstitutional for schools and unlawful for private businesses,” Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley noted.

This Marxist White House is making the Court look ridiculous.

Whoever gets the job will be nothing more than an affirmative action hire. Sotomayor was and is proud of it so I guess Marxists are okay with that.


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