Kamala Tries Her Best To Spin Biden’s Comments About Russia In Today Show Interview But Fails

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Yesterday Biden seemingly suggested he’s giving Putin the green light to invade Ukraine as long as it’s a ‘minor incursion’ or something.

After the press conference the White House tried to clean it up with a statement from Psaki:

This morning Kamala was asked about Biden’s comments regarding Russia invading Ukraine, whether Putin would listen to Biden’s own words or a clean-up statement put out by the White House afterward, and she literally tried to put the best possible face on it and claim there would be severe consequences if Putin invades at all:

“I’m the vice president”. Yes, she is, which means her words aren’t worth much. Also, she’s not a serious person and I doubt for a moment Putin takes this seriously. After all, would you?

This administration is the laughing stock of the world. Putin has already watched Biden cower to him, cower and run from the Taliban, and he knows full well that Biden is a joke. I don’t think anything Biden says and does now really fits into his calculus of whether to invade.



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