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WATCH: Good Samaritan Gives Freezing Homeless Man His Coat… Then The Homeless Man Beats Him And Robs Him

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If you ever needed another reason why you shouldn’t give money to homeless bums on the street, here ya go.

A good Samaritan who took off his own coat to put it on a man sleeping on a midtown Manhattan sidewalk was viciously attacked for his effort, thrown to the ground, punched and robbed by the very man he was trying to help, police say.

Video provided by a senior NYPD official shows the good Samaritan walk up to the stranger, who is sleeping on the sidewalk and tucked in a building corner on Fifth Avenue around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, when it was still frigid out.

“He’s very cold. He’s sleeping in the street,” the good Samaritan said. “I take my jacket and put [it] on him.”

The video shows the man holding his coat off and captures him try to place it over the man. That’s when the sleeping man jumps up, throws him to the ground and grabs his wallet from his rear pocket. The good Samaritan tries to take his wallet back and gets punched in the face multiple times. The suspect then runs off.

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