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Democrats Are SCARED And Turning To Desperation For 2024 With This Latest Move

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Obama is the past. Democrats are now stuck with Biden and they know it’s election suicide to run him in 2024 because he’s so unpopular, so terrible. And there doesn’t seem to be anyone else on the horizon to take his place – definitely not Kamala.

So who are Democrats wishing for now?

That’s right, they want a two-time failed presidential candidate who lost to Trump to give it another go:

Imagine just how desperate you have to be to dig up this relic. She lost the presidency to the candidate Democrats hate the most, Donald Trump. Not just hatred, a seething hatred. And now they want to dress Hillary up and try again?

If you are Biden looking at this, you’ve got to be completely disheartened. People in his party are rejecting him after just one year of his presidency, and that likely has little to do with this health. They know they can’t win another round with him at the top of the ticket because he’s worse than Jimmy Carter.

So, another round of Trump vs Hillary in 2024?



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