WATCH: Woman Tosses Newborn In Dumpster And Leaves It For Dead — If She Had Killed It One Day Sooner She Would Be Celebrated

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A woman in New Mexico actually tossed her newborn son in the dumpster after only finding out she was pregnant the day before:

Here’s more from WCTV:

An 18-year-old in New Mexico is facing charges after police said she admitted she put her newborn son in the garbage.

According to the Hobbs Police Department, officers responded to reports of an infant in a dumpster around 8 p.m. Friday. Through their investigation, police estimate the infant had been there for about six hours.

Police Chief August Fons explained a group of people discovered the baby boy around 7:45 p.m. when they were looking through the trash for anything of value. They heard cries and thought it could have been a cat or dog.

A woman removed the baby from a black bag and held him to keep him warm while a man called authorities.

Emergency responders arrived within minutes and rendered aid to the newborn, who was taken to the hospital for further pediatric treatment. Authorities said the child is in stable condition at this time and credits the people who alerted authorities for saving his life.

According to police, investigators were able to get surveillance video that appears to show the woman putting the baby in the trash.

The video shows a white car pulling up around 2 p.m. You can see a woman get out of the car, open the back passenger door, grab a black bag, toss it into the dumpster and then leave.

Detectives were able to identify and track down the owner of the car seen in the video. They went to Alexis Avila’s home, where her parents said she was sleeping.

Fons said Avila’s parents drove her to the police station where she confessed to giving birth to the child at another location and then putting it in the dumpster. She told police she didn’t know she was pregnant until Jan. 6, when she started having abdominal pain. She gave birth the next day.

Avila was arrested and charged with attempted murder and child abuse.

Why was she arrested and charged with attempted murder? Isn’t this almost the exact same thing as abortion? What difference does it make whether the baby is inside or outside of the womb? If you can murder your baby before it pops out, why can’t you murder it afterwards?

There is no real difference! It’s the same baby!

To me, Alexis Avila only did what so many other women are doing under the protection of the law. The only difference is that, most of the time, these women succeed in murdering their babies while Avila did not. And I thank God that she did not, that her little miracle was saved by these compassionate people.

Just like Avila, all woman who attempt to murder their babies, unborn or not, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Abortion is murder.



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