WATCH: Antifa Thugs Invade Chicago March For Life Shouting OBSCENITIES — ‘Patriot Front’ Not So Welcome Either

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On Saturday there was a major March for Life event in Chicago, Illinois. Those who believe in Life turned out in huge numbers despite the cold and snow, and despite the “counter” protests of vile, evil, monstrous pro-death groups.

Among those shouting at the people demonstrating on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves are, of course, masked up Antifa goons, who in the interest of unity and decorum engaged in obscene chants. Content warning:

Yes, that sign says “make abortion great again.”

The communists were there, too. Because all the “good guys” love abortion, right?

The “counter protesters” were so out of hand cops had to separate the groups.

The suspicious, shield-bearing group the media loves to film that goes by the name Patriot Front showed up, but the March for Life was not interested in their participation, either.

I’ve always thought the idea of “counter” protesting is pretty dumb and overtly and cynically a ploy for media attentionk. But in the case of the bloodthirsty pro-abortionists, it’s more likely they just can’t help themselves. The evil they do must prod their consciences unmercifully, and they seek salve by trying to force people to agree. If enough people tell them they are good, they think, then maybe they’ll start to believe it too.

It’s a false hope, and a sad one.



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