Joe Rogan EXPOSES The Fake News Journalism At CNN With DAMNING Proof

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CNN ran video of Joe Rogan that made him look sicker, when airing his announcement that he had covid. Remember that the reason they were airing it was to stomp on his grave in advance because they consider him unclean on covid issues. Remember they ran a campaign accusing falsely of taking “horse de-wormer.” Remember that they stomp on the grave of anyone who dies from covid if they opposed vaccine mandates, whether they themselves are vaccinated or not. Remember that CNN is the picture of yellow journalism, and in this case literally yellow.

When they were first accused of altering the video, they denied it, and the AP “fact-checked” it. Super trustworthy job. Why believe what you see when the AP says not to worry? But was it altered? Was it even DIFFERENT?

Yeah. There’s literally just no question about it. Rogan uploaded the evidence this weekend and there’s no other word but damning. They did it. You can see it.

That’s discolored. That’s what it is.

One amazing extra on this story? The comments at Instagram. So many libs replying they don’t see the difference or that CNN can’t possibly be wrong.

That’s how being a lib works. Believe CNN over your own lyin’ eyes.



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