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DeSantis Masterfully Slams ’Lockdown Politicians’ For Leaving Their States To Vacation In Restriction Free Florida

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Governor Ron DeSantis has blasted the hypocrisy of liberal “lockdown-politicians” for taking vacations in restriction free Florida after enforcing mandates in their own states.

He said liberal leaders like New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and California Rep. Eric Swalwell, don’t want to follow their own Covid restrictions and that theirs was a ‘ruling class mentality’

During a discussion on Fox & Friends, DeSantis said that the liberal politicians “say one thing” but abide by “different sets of rules” as they push for tougher covid related restrictions while fleeing to Florida on vacation

He said: “The number of lockdown-politicians that have locked down their people, lectured their people, cast aspersions on Florida, who then turn around and then seek refuge in Florida, it’s so much it’s become a cottage industry.

I mean, you have governors, you have mayors, you have members of Congress. They say one thing, and then they live under different sets of rules.

And I think the thing about Florida, as we’ve said, you have the ability to make your own decisions. You know, we are not going to use the heavy hand of government to curtail your freedoms or to ruin your livelihoods.

And those policies were policies that all those people railed against, and yet they’ll come down here and bask in the Florida sunshine and the Florida freedom.

So I’m glad that Florida is a refuge for people. I mean, you know, we’re happy with what we’re doing, but it really shows you that this is a ruling class mentality where they think that they can impose these on other people, but that they should not have to follow all the dictates that they constantly spout. 

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