WATCH: Shifty Schiff Says His Jan 6th Committee Is Now Targeting Sean Hannity

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Pelosi’s hack January 6th committee has now set their sights on Fox News host Sean Hannity to find out what he was texting to Trump’s chief of staff:

Schiff says there’s no formal announcement yet, however there will be a request for Hannity to turn over text messages or come before the committee. Schiff adds…

He was more than a Fox host. He was also a confidant, adviser, campaigner for the former president.

Schiff said that it is a voluntary request, but we all know that’s just how it starts. When he refuses to comply, they’ll issue a subpoena because that’s just what they do and have him arrested when he doesn’t comply with that.

This isn’t about the truth. It’s about maximum damage they can do to the Republican party in hopes Democrats can resurrect their chances of winning in November.



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