Leftist Media Covered For George Floyd, While Hatchet Job on Ashli Babbitt ‘Sickens’ Husband

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In the run-up to the anniversary of the January 6 protests, Ashli Babbitt, the woman who was shot and killed by Capitol police while climbing through a broken window in the Capitol building that day, has been the target of deliberatively biased smear campaign that has lead many leftists to claim Babbitt got what she deserved.

In support of their contention, they are using a years-old case in which Babbitt was found not guilty that involved her and Celeste Norris, the now-ex-girlfriend of the man Babbitt would later marry.

The narrative, as spun by a slanted Associated Press piece, stands in contrast to the efforts on the Left to cover-up or actively suppress conversation about the various crimes that were either allegedly or actually committed by George Floyd, who, like Babbitt, also died at the hands of police.

Floyd died when an officer used too much force in subduing him on suspicion of passing a counterfeit $20 bill when buying cigarettes– one in a long line of allegations and convictions against Floyd.

As the Washington Post said in an article meant to blame the “police” in general for his death: “Over time, Floyd’s convictions escalated to theft and ultimately armed robbery of a woman who was pistol-whipped by a group of men while at home with her children.”

Presumably, one of those men was Floyd.

Norris, by contrast, says the bad blood between her and Babbitt began in 2015, when Babbitt engaged in a monthslong extramarital affair with Norris’ longtime live-in boyfriend, Aaron Babbitt. When she learned of the relationship, Norris called Babbitt’s husband and told him she was cheating.

Babbitt, upset about the phone call, confronted Norris.

“She pulls up yelling and screaming,” Norris told the AP, recounting the July 29, 2016, alleged road-rage incident in Prince Frederick, Maryland. “It took me a good 30 seconds to figure out who she was. … Just all sorts of expletives, telling me to get out of the car, that she was going to beat my ass.”

During the altercation, Babbitt either accidentally or on purpose hit Norris’ car with her SUV. Police arrested her after Norris called 911.

More properly described as a domestic dispute than a road-rage incident, “Babbitt was charged with reckless endangerment, dangerous driving and malicious property damage for the crash — but was later acquitted, according to court papers,” said the New York Post.

In 2019, Norris filed a personal injury lawsuit against Ashli Babbitt, seeking $74,500 in damages, and she said she settled out of court with Babbitt’s insurance carrier for an undisclosed sum, according to the AP, hardly a settlement an insurance company makes while the driver is committing a crime.

In short, Babbitt had a dispute with Norris over a man that Babbitt later married. And Floyd had disputes with law enforcement over his criminal actions.

While neither person deserved to die over their actions the day they died, only one of them was a convicted criminal and it wasn’t Babbitt.

“Aaron Babbitt declined to comment in October when a reporter knocked on the door of the San Diego apartment he shared with Ashli and another woman,” said the AP. “In a June interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News, Babbitt said he has been sickened by some of what he has seen written about his deceased wife.”

“There’s never been a person who Ashli ran across in her daily life that didn’t love her,” said Babbitt.

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