BREAKING: ‘Nasty’ Nancy Pelosi Set To Retire From Congress

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Reports are breaking today that Pelosi is nearly done ruining the lives of Americans and will resign after the 2022 elections.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is set to step aside at the end of this Congress after nearly two decades as the party’s leader, according to The Washington Post. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is allegedly the new favorite to succeed her.

“After nearly 19 years as House Democratic leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) is expected to resign at the end of this Congress, capping a historic career that includes trying to end George W. Bush’s Iraq War, implementing President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law, impeaching President Donald Trump twice, and squeezing Vice President Joe Biden’s sweeping agenda through a narrowly controlled House,” the Washington Post reported.

The early leader and favorite to succeed Pelosi is Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat from New York. Since 2013, Jeffries has served as the United States Representative for New York’s 8th congressional district.

“Normally, one of the speaker’s top two lieutenants, the majority leader, Steny Hoyer, and the majority whip, Jim Clyburn, would handle the role. However, both of them, like Pelosi, are in their early 80s, prompting speculation over whether it’s time for some new blood to lead the House Democratic caucus, according to the Guardian.

With some of her lowest approval ratings in her career, Pelosi will take over the gavel. Pelosi was voted down by 58 percent of respondents in a recent Gallup poll.

In all honesty, it makes no difference who replaces Pelosi as they will undoubtedly be just as radical and disgusting as she is.

However, it will be intriguing to see if AOC decides to run for president when the Democrats lose their majority in November. She was a vocal opponent of Pelosi being Speaker, and I believe she will try to seize the chance for herself.



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