Leftist Attempt To Shame Ted Cruz Using His Daughter’s New TikTok Video… But Fail Miserably

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Ted Cruz’s 13-year-old daughter has a Tiktok account and someone found one of her videos, which the left is using to mock Cruz and promote his daughter who apparently ‘disagrees’ with much of his beliefs.

She’s 13-years-old and not the first teenager who ever rebelled against her parents. I’m sure this is especially true when you have a parent in a very powerful position who gets a lot of attention.

I checked her account and it’s private now. That’s probably a good thing, however I’m sure the left will be watching it closely so they can keep trying to rub her comments in Cruz’s face.

By the way, the Christmas card she’s referring are these:

Also, I don’t blame Cruz for enlarging her shirt. It’s a Christmas photo after all, to be sent to family and friends. What she was wearing was inappropriate for such a photo.



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