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Mask Karen Who Assaulted 80 Year Old Man In Viral Video Says She Is Like ‘Rosa Parks’

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A video went viral this week showing Patricia Cornwall travelling on a Delta from Tapa to Atlanta flight on December 23. In the video, Cornwall is seen assaulting and creaming at an elderly man for not wearing a mask while he was eating. It turns out the elderly gentleman called her out because she compared herself to Rosa Parks after being asked to move seats by attendants.

Cornwall, who wasn’t wearing a mask herself, punched the 80 year old man after he told her to sit down and be quiet. She also spat at him.

WATCH: reports: More details on the unhinged woman, later identified as one Patricia Cornwall, have emerged, with reports indicating that several other passengers and crew were injured during the incident, with one having boiling water spilled on them.

Court records have also emerged, stating that Cornwall was asked by flight attendants serving drinks to sit in a seat that wasn’t her own while they got past her with the cart.

The report states that Cornwall sardonically asked “What am I, Rosa Parks?” which prompted the elderly man to tell her that she “isn’t black….this isn’t Alabama and this isn’t a bus.”

That was what caused Cornwall to go nuts.

The records also indicate that the attack is being treated as a violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 113(a)(4), assault within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United Statesowing to the fact that it occurred on a plane in flight.

Other reports have indicated that Cornwall has acted in Baywatch, been a cheerleader in the NFL, and modelled for Playboy.

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