Dancing Nurses Give Cringeworthy Performance For Biden At White House In PBS Christmas Special

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President Biden was slammed on Thursday for holding Christmas festivities at the White House this week that included performing nurses.

The PBS White House Christmas special, which was reinstated under the Biden administration, featured nurses in dark blue scrubs, dancing and singing a Broadway showtune in the East Room.

The two-minute video, which started making the rounds on social media Thursday, shows nurses wearing dark blue scrubs, singing ‘We Need a Little Christmas’ as they do a little dance.

Despite the White House’s indoor mask mandate, an unmasked First Lady Jill Biden is also seen watching the spectacle in amusement.

Meaww reports: The White House Christmas event was hosted by actress Jennifer Garner. Apart from the singing nurses, the show included performances from the Jonas Brothers, Camila Cabello, the Penatonix and others. The event was mainly mocked over the singing nurses segment. Turning Point USA CEO Benny Johnson wrote, “Nothing says “DEADLY PANDEMIC – HOSPITALS OVERWHELMED, LOCK IT ALL DOWN!” quite like the cringe nurse choir taking time to learn a song and dance and perform at the White House for their regime masters. Straight out of North Korea”

Others also chimed in. One Twitter user added that the fact that some nurses and first lady Jill Biden went maskless at the event only made things look worse. “Video of nurses dancing in the midst of a pandemic: tasteless & tone-deaf. Video of nurses dancing in the White House in the midst of a pandemic while @FLOTUS nods approvingly: tone-deafness bordering on the obscene,” the user commented, while another said, “Nurses singing at the White House > I thought the hospitals were so overwrought with patients and a mask less Jill? Trashy.”

The next called it propaganda. “What in the Biden White House Christmastime Propaganda is really happening here. Someone needs to tell them nurses to get back to work and stop this silliness!” One more wrote, “Two years of your life that you will never get back, some of your children have never had a normal social interaction, and the only thing missing in this clown car circus freak show was nurses dancing at the White House. Thankfully Biden fixed that.” A commenter tweeted, “Not to mention the ‘nurses’ are dancing and singing in front of the #BelovedLeader while real passionate oncology, pediatric and countless other #nurses and #doctors are home without a job and gifts for their kids and families. This is #SICK #FJB #FTheDemocrats #LGB #FJBiden.”

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