White House Actually ADMITS That Biden Made Up A Complete LIE About Joe Manchin

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On Tuesday Biden told reporters at the White House that Joe Manchin had admitted to a liberal caucus that he mislead them, not Biden. I thought that sounded false when I heard it, but I didn’t see Manchin tweet or contradict it.

Well it turns out it was false and the White House admitted it yesterday:

Speaking of Biden’s lies yesterday, here’s what he said as *president-elect about ramping up testing:

Biden bashed Trump about this and here we are, one year later, and he’s made it much WORSE.

Biden claimed yesterday that Omicron virulence took everyone by surprise as he tried to cover up his failure on testing. But here’s his own CDC Director contradicting him:

Biden is a lying machine. I need to watch CNN to find out how many lies they’ve counted from Biden up to this point. I’m sure they are keeping a running tally just like they did with Trump…



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