Election Officials In Pennsylvania CAUGHT On Camera Conspiring To Cover Up Election Fraud

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Delaware County election officials in the state of Pennsylvania were caught on camera discussing how they might respond to a Right to Know Request by recreating a fake election record that matches what the county reported back in November. This comes after officials were caught destroying evidence of voter fraud.

THE FEDERALIST – New whistleblower videos capture Delaware County, Pennsylvania officials plotting to recreate missing election data from the November 2020 contest, with one official later bragging that the local Democrat district attorney “owes him.” These recordings represent the latest evidence of the alleged fraud officials in the Pennsylvania county undertook to hide widespread violations of the state’s election laws, according to a source familiar with the recordings.

Whistleblower Regina Miller, who worked as a contract employee for Delaware County, secretly recorded the behind-the-scenes videos of election officials after witnessing concerning conduct, according to sources with knowledge of a fraud lawsuit filed last month against county election officials, based in part on the recordings. That lawsuit alleged county election officials destroyed election data in response to a May 21, 2021 Right to Know Request filed with Delaware County that requested the final certified return sheets from the Nov. 3, 2020 general election for all Delaware County precincts, as well as the tapes from the voting machines.

While earlier videos captured Delaware County officials destroying election material or blocking out “derogatory” information in the copies made in response to the Right to Know Request, the latest video captures two election officials discussing putting in “blank” V-drives, which are the thumb drives that record the results from election machines, to recreate the election results reported by the county.

In one video, James Savage, who served as the chief custodian and voting machine warehouse supervisor for the Delaware County Voting Machine Department during the November 2020 election, is seen talking with another election official who is blocked from the camera’s view.

The duo are discussing the Right to Know Request, according to a source with knowledge on the matter, with Savage inquiring on “recreating data.” The individual off-camera chimes in with his suggested approach that would entail recreating results for “these jokers,” and “then create another set for the next set of jokers” — an apparent reference to the individuals who filed the Right-to-Know request — “but we cut it up and then we create a permanent record,” he explains.

“Here you go, here you go,” the election official is heard saying, mimicking what they could say as they provide the “jokers” the supposedly official election-data documentation. The unseen individual then continues, “We scan those cut, copied sheets in.”

“The first part has a lot of work, but it might save us work in the long run, if it’s gonna be a drip, drip, drip,” Savage is seen saying. The two then talk more about the process with Savage asking about whether they are talking about going to every machine and putting in a clean V-drive. The off-camera election worker appears to concur with that approach.

Below is the video of the officials discussing this:

Delaware County is among the largest in the state and these videos and allegations shouldn’t simply be part of a lawsuit. This is a huge scandal that voters in the county and state should be up in arms about because, at the end of the day, this is about protecting their vote from election fraudsters, who should be in prison over this.

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