WATCH: Kennedy Bombards Biden Nom With This Question NINE TIMES In A Row Then Drops MIC

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The amazing dodging and dancing nominee show continues to dazzle America as Capitol Hill has hearings on a parade of unqualified radical Biden picks intending to destroy capitalism and democracy in favor of woke social justice Marxism. And this week was no exception as Nevada judicial nominee Anne Traum was questioned by Senator John Kennedy.

Kennedy had a simple question, and he wanted a straightforward answer. You remember straightforward answers; Justice Bret Kavanaugh had a lot of them despite every effort to trip him up by the Dancing Democrats.

With the party roles reversed this year, the dancing switched sides, and Traum, like every Biden nominee for every political position, continued the trend over to judicial hearings.

It is actually an important question. Nine times more important than most questions, because it goes right to the center of the only thing that gets you nominated to the bench by Biden: being a progressive activist.

“Do you believe that a criminal act should be forgiven in the name of social justice?” Kennedy asked. And asked. And asked and asked and asked and asked and asked and asked and asked.

But guess what he never got?

“I can’t vote for you, not if you’re not going to answer the questions,” said Kennedy. “I mean that was embarrassing.”

It sure was.



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