BOMBSHELL Testimony: British Gov’t Was Told COVID Was ‘Engineered’ in Wuhan Lab to Terrorize the West

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The British government have been told by experts that a Wuhan lab leak is the confirmed origin of COVID-19 and was engineered in order to destabilize and weaken the West.

Dr Alina Chan, a specialist in gene therapy and cell engineering at MIT and Harvard, gave bombshell testimony about the origins of Covid to the Science and Technology Select Committee.

“I think the lab origin is more likely than not. Right now it’s not safe for people who know about the origin of the pandemic to come forward. But we live in an era where there is so much information being stored that it will eventually come out,” Dr. Chan told MPs

“We have heard from many top virologists that a genetically engineered origin is reasonable and that includes virologists who made modifications to the first Sars virus,” she continued.

“We know this virus has a unique feature, called the furin cleavage site, and without this feature there is no way this would be causing this pandemic.”

“A proposal was leaked showing that EcoHealth and the Wuhan Institute of Virology were developing a pipeline for inserting novel furin cleavage sites. So, you find these scientists who said in early 2018 ‘I’m going to put horns on horses’ and at the end of 2019 a unicorn turns up in Wuhan city.” reports: Lord Ridley, who co-wrote a book with Chan, also said it was “incredibly surprising” that after nearly two years “we still haven’t found a single infected animal that could be the progenitor.”

Viscount Ridley called on “bad actors” who think “that unleashing a pandemic is something they could get away with,” to be exposed.

The fact that the source of COVID-19 is now likely to have been the Wuhan lab is quite the turnaround from last year, when mere discussion of this possibility was branded a ludicrous “conspiracy theory” and people who circulated it were banned from social media.

As we previously highlighted, Dr. Peter Daszak, President of the EcoHealth Alliance, a group that has extensive ties to the Wuhan lab gain of function research, thanked Dr. Anthony Fauci for dismissing the lab leak theory early on in the pandemic.

Daszak was also tasked by Facebook with ‘fact-checking’ (censoring) information related to the hypothesis, while Google, which via YouTube also censored information about the theory, also funded Daszak’s virus research.

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