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WATCH: Dr. Peter McCullough Tells Joe Rogan The Damning Truth Behind Covid Vaccines — ‘The Govt. Suppressed Life-Saving Treatment To Push Jabs’

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World renown internal disease specialist, Dr. Peter McCullough, went on with Joe Rogan in his latest podcast and dropped some incredible truth bombs about vaccines that our Big Tech overlords won’t like.

While speaking with Rogan about the government’s early response to COVID-19, McCollough stated that there was an intentional suppression of other established treatments for the virus in order to cause mass damage and promote the newly developed vaccines.

“It seems to me early on there was an intentional, very comprehensive suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization, and death. And it seemed to be completely organized and intentional in order to create acceptance for and then promote mass [jabs].”

It’s really hard to argue with McCullough on this one. We all saw that early treatment was heavily politicized from the get go with nearly the entire medical establishment coming out against the one drug that worked —> because Trump promoted it.

Watch the video for much more. Definitely worth the watch:



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