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WATCH: CNN Actually Asks Fauci A Good Question About Covid Deaths After Vaccine… But His Fumbled Answer Is ABSURD

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Fauci was on with CNN this morning blaming a high death toll, post-vaccine, on both the Delta variant and 60 million who haven’t gotten vaccinated:

CNN host Jim Sciutto asked Fauci why the number of deaths in the nine months post-vaccine are nearly the same as the number of deaths in the nine months pre-vaccine. Here’s what he said:

We didn’t have Delta a year ago. We’re dealing with a much more formidable virus in every respect. Superimposed upon that, if we had optimally implemented a vaccine program those numbers would have been down. Many of them, not all of them, are unnecessary deaths because we have up to 60 million people in this country who are eligible to be vaccinated and have not gotten vaccinated. We’ve got to be doing better than that if we really want to get this thing over with.

This doesn’t even make sense to me and I’ll tell you why. So what we have up to 60 million unjabbed? Over 60% of the US is said to be fully vaccinated. That’s over 200 million people, which alone should have reduced the death toll tremendously. Add to that the data which shows that the vaccines are still mostly effective against Delta.

I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on this but based on how this statistic is presented by CNN, it appears that vaccinating 200 million didn’t reduce the death toll all that much. I’m sure in reality there’s much more going on to explain this, but Fauci didn’t allude to anything else except for Delta and the unvaccinated. That’s how he explained it and again, using my common sense logic, it makes no sense. Am I wrong?



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