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WATCH: Fauci Says You Need To Require Your Holiday Guests To Prove They Are Vaccinated

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Show me your vaccination papers. That’s what Fauci is suggesting people do over the holidays when inviting people over for a gathering:

I remember the good old days (earlier this year) when someone was protected from getting COVID if they got vaccinated. That’s what everyone said.

To hear them talk now, it’s as if the vaccines offer little protection against getting COVID. Seriously, Fauci is now suggesting that people who have the jab only spend time with other people who have the jab and to shun those who don’t have it. Insanity.

We’re fast approaching a class system type of society where only the vaccinated can live and work and enjoy life and everyone else is shunned and canceled. That’s where these people will take us if we let them.



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