Texas Husband Forced To Get Jab To Receive Transplant Dies Waiting for Surgery

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A husband from Texas who was forced to get jabbed to remain on a lung-transplant list has died while waiting to receive his transplant.

Speaking to the Children’s Health Defense, the wife of Bobby Bolin, Amy, said she was upset by the doctor’s orders that required Bobby to get the jab.

“In the medical field, your goal is supposed to be to improve and save people’s lives, and instead you’re giving them one option — you either do this or you can’t get a life-saving transplant,” Amy said.

Amy said her husband had recovered from COVID-19, conferring natural immunity, but was given no choice but to receive the jab. Suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder that attacks the lungs, COPA syndrome, his medical team forced him to be vaccinated in order to be eligible for the life-saving lung transplant.

“He knew that without lungs he was not going to live because his lungs were failing him,” she said.

Amy said she believes people “have the right to take the shot if that is what they think is best for them.”

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