WATCH: CCTV Footage Shows Oakland Pharmacy Being Raided By Large Mob Of Looters

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An Oakland pharmacy was ravaged by tons and tons of looters over the weekend and CCTV footage of the ugly scene has been released:

This is happening all over California. We’ve reported on this in San Francisco several times and it’s gotten so bad that Walgreens has closed entire stores in the city.

Now Governor Newsom is vowing to increase a police presence in retail stores because these looting mobs are completely out of control.

This is all because of California’s liberal policies and the ridiculous law that they passed in 2015 that reduced theft of less than $950 to a misdemeanor. San Francisco made it even worse by forcing police to only focus on more serious calls and to ignore misdemeanors. Now the city is suffering a massive crime wave because these looters know there is no teeth in the law to stop them.

Newsom increasing cops at these retail stores is just like Biden releasing oil from the strategic reserve. It doesn’t actually fix the problem, it only addresses the symptoms to some degree. If Newsom wanted to fix the problem, he’d get the legislature to undo that 2015 law and create stiffer penalties for shoplifting.



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