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Rittenhouse Interview With Tucker Won’t Sit Well With The Left: ‘I’m Not Racist… I Supports BLM’

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Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted on charges stemming from killing convicted criminals and wounding another during riots in Kenosha, Wisc., last year., rebuffed nonsensical media claims that he was a “white supremacist” and a “racist” after the self-defense shootings of the three white men.

The claims were widely misreported in the media to have been racially motivated, with papers refusing to identify the race of the three men shot, while insisting they were linked to the unrelated police shooting of a knife-wielding black domestic abuser, Jacob Blake, days earlier, which had initially triggered the Kenosha riots.

The Left has intentionally superimposed the bogus “racial” narrative as a dogwhistle to activate its violent base in the hopes of provoking even more violence in response.

But Rittenhouse told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson in an interview set to air on Monday that he’s “not a racist person” and supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

That would put him in a position to the left of many in the conservative party—and even a growing number of mainstream moderates—who have come to regard the quasi-Marxist BLM operation as a front for self-enrichment while enacting a radical political agenda rather than a peaceful movement to promote social justice.

“This case has nothing to do with race,” Rittenhouse, 18, told Carson in the interview. “It never had anything to do with race. It had to do with the right to self-defense.”

The shootings quickly made Rittenhouse a rallying cry for supporters of Second Amendment rights and those angered by the violent protests and lawless rioting seen in some American cities leading up to last year’s presidential election.

Then-candidate Joe Biden was among those who attacked pro-law-and-order groups like the Proud Boys and even personally attacked Rittenhouse for his vigilantism.

Under the Biden administration, many concerned Americans have been labeled “domestic violent extremists” for fighting back against such outrageous affronts to the normal American society, even while those committing the egregious acts get a free pass.

“I’m not a racist person. I support the BLM movement, I support peacefully demonstrating,” Rittenhouse tells Carlson in excerpts of the interview released by Fox News ahead of its airing.

A jury last Friday found Rittenhouse not guilty on charges of homicide, attempted homicide and reckless endangering in the deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and the wounding of Gaige Grosskreutz, now 28.

All three of the so-called victims had criminal charges for violent offenses including multiple counts of child sexual assault and the domestic battery of one’s grandmother and brother.

All had made or acted upon serious threats directed at Rittenhouse, which let him to believe his live was in imminent imminent prior to firing on them.

Adapted from reporting by the Associated Press

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