Prominent Leftist Claim ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Is Equivalent To Burning The American Flag

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Rep. Gloria Johnson, D-Tenn., claimed that the popular “Let’s Go Brandon” chant is akin to burning the American flag, Patriot Fetch reported.

“As a friend said, I think it should be equated with burning the flag.” Johnson tweeted. “In essence, that’s what they are doing.”

She later added to her tweet, explaining that this was just her own opinion:

Her addition was a response to those who replied to her tweet, explaining that both the chants and the burning of the flag are legally protected free speech.

She also added “reading is fundamental,” without any context or explanation.

It appears as if Rep. Johnson has not made similar comments concerning her democratic compatriots, who spent several years encouraging the chant “F*** Trump,” and laughing at the former president’s expense.

Twitter user Dave Emerich provided a vivid example of this hypocrisy:

According to her twitter bio, Johnson is also a supporter of Black Lives Matter. Johnson has not publicly criticized the militant group for actually burning the American flag during the BLM riots in the summer of 2020.

What Johnson refuses to see is the specificity of the chants. Burning the American flag is a symbol of dissatisfaction with the country as a whole; “Let’s Go Brandon” is the satirical shout of a people dissatisfied with their president.

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