BREAKING: Judge Tosses Out Kyle Rittenhouse Gun Charge

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The judge in the Rittenhouse case this morning dismissed the charge against Kyle that he possessed a dangerous weapon under the age of 18:

Here’s more from Newsmax:

The judge at Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial on Monday dismissed a count of possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18, a misdemeanor that had appeared to be among the likeliest of the charges to net a conviction for prosecutors.

The judge then launched into 36 pages of legal instructions to the jury, explaining the charges and the laws of self-defense. After that, the two sides were expected to deliver closing arguments, the final word before the jury was to begin deliberations.

There is no dispute that Rittenhouse was 17 when he carried an AR-style semi-automatic rifle on the streets of Kenosha and used it.

But the defense argued that Wisconsin law had an exception that could be read to clear Rittenhouse. After prosecutors conceded on Monday that Rittenhouse’s rifle was not short-barreled, Judge Bruce Schroeder dismissed the charge.

This is wonderful news. I hope that the jury doesn’t deliberate long because honestly, there’s no need to do so. Rittenhouse is absolutely innocent of the charges against him and that was made quite evident in the case last week.

UPDATE: Once again Politifact turns out to be PolitiFakeNews:



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