WATCH: Gov DeSantis Humiliates A Reporter Who Tries To Shame Him Over His ‘Brandon Admin’ Comment

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In a sit down interview with Florida’s favorite governor, a local CBS reporter actually tried to shame DeSantis over him labeling the Biden administration “the Brandon administration”:

Here’s the exchange:

REPORTER: Last week you called the Biden administration the Brandon administration. Do you feel that that is the proper level of exchange between a governor and a president?

DESANTIS: Well let me ask you how he’s treated us. I mean, they take a lot of pot shots…

REPORTER: Shouldn’t you rise above that?

DESANTIS: Well look, I think it’s a joke. But honestly, one of the reasons why that has taken on is because a lot of your folks in the national media get very sensitive to it. Because what happened was people were chanting something else very colorful…

REPORTER: It’s a swear about the president.

DESANTIS: Well you had a reporter say that it was ‘let’s go Brandon’ when that’s not really what was said. And so I think the reason why it’s caught on is because I think it needles the national media a little bit. Because look, I mean, they’ve become very partisan. They were very much against Trump; they’re very much ahead of Biden. So I think we view it as fun. But I do think…

REPORTER: But it’s a swear about the president.

DESANTIS: Well right, but I mean here’s what I would say. Was there hand wringing about this, about the stuff that was said about Trump for four years? Nah, there wasn’t.

These partisan reporters didn’t give a crap about all the ‘fck Trump’ swears that were sent Trump’s way, but suddenly there is a massive triggering because DeSantis dared to label Biden ‘the Brandon administration’, mocking the media and Biden in one fell swoop.

I’m glad DeSantis stood his ground.



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