WATCH: George Floyd’s ‘Nephew’ Threatens Rittenhouse Jurors Will PAY If They Don’t Convict — Says He’s Taking Their Photos

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Because of the media-friendly descriptor he uses for himself, which the liberal media can’t get enough of: George Floyd’s nephew, Cortez Rice is frequently interviewed.

He’s not a real nephew of course, that’s just what he calls himself and the media is happy to go along with it. Just like the left and BLM are happy to go along with what he outlines in this jury tampering video: doxxing the jury if they hand down the wrong verdict.

We heard in the last big BLM trial the implicit and explicit threats that if the jury didn’t convict there would be consequences. In that case it was for the town. In this case, he says they have people taking photos of the jury specifically to identify them.

You know, so they can make them pay.

The activists Rice is in bed with are also more than comfortable threatening judges.

Rice, again, not a real nephew.

And others are egging him on.

Townhall’s Julio Rosa was in the courtroom and says he didn’t witness anyone taking photos, but correctly observes the threat alone warrants an official and immediate investigation.

The left and the press don’t actually have a problem with this, even if some of them pay weak lip service to being against it. They are as warped by the new, fake definition of the word “justice” used as a weapon by the left as anyone else on that side of the aisle.

In case anyone forgot what was happening in Kenosha when the shootings took place, here’s a before and after shot with Rosas.



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