WATCH: SNL Mocks Virginia’s First Black Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears because ‘SHE’S THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE’ says Hegseth

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Rather than celebrate an historic win, Saturday Night Live mocked the first black woman to be Lt. Gov in Virginia history during the “Weekend Update” segment last night. On Fox & Friends, Pete Hegseth called them out on it.

Michael Che mocked the awesome viral photo of former United States Marine Winsome Sears, armed and standing up for the Second Amendment.

He said she was attempting “Suicide by cop” and then claimed “this is actually a win for Democrats because nothing will get Republicans to support gun control faster than this picture.”

Yeah Republicans must really hate that image considering they MADE IT VIRAL AND VOTED FOR HER AND SHE WON, MICHAEL.


Hegseth brought up the disgusting moment on MSNBC that they accused Lt. Gov. Sears of white supremacy.

“This as a left-wing MSNBC guest calls Sears a, quote, ‘black mouth for white supremacists,’” said Pete Hegseth after the clip.

“That’s so gross,” said Will Cain.

“It’s really gross,” agreed Hegseth. “She’s their worst nightmare. Yeah. They can’t tolerate it, so they have to smear.”




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